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Fully enclosed rear driving type sweeping machine

Fully enclosed rear driving type sweeping machine

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  NAN TONG
  • Brand Name:  Mei Jie Nu
  • Model Number:  CL-MJN-2108B

CL-MJN-2108B this sweeping machine is suitable for cleaning companies, property companies, sanitation, large and medium-sized enterprises, amusement parks, parks, airports and other large industrial and mining enterprises sweeping.

Product features:

Adopt imported high quality and high performance maintenance free battery, environmental protection.

Adopt the technology of fog drop, and the cleaning effect is better.

High quality components, reduce the cost of maintenance and repair.

Solid tires, no inflation, economic and durable.

Electronic control system, under voltage protection, the chassis is heavier, the operation performance is stable.

Using advanced cleaning and polishing technology, the theoretical data of the utilization rate of the dust box can reach 100%.

Built in strong dust control system, dust suction power, double dust, dust, dust cleaning device, sweeping width of 2000mm or so.

Special gear for electric vehicle, stepless speed change, operation is simple and convenient.

Warning lamp using burst flashing warning lamp.

Headlights using LED engineering vehicle headlights.

The main motor for rare earth motor, side brush motor brushless motor, long service life, is not easy to heat, no worries.

The water tank is made of stainless steel water tank, which is beautiful and practical.

Brake system using advanced pull rod parking brake system.

U disk, built-in speaker, loudspeaker.

  • Place of Origin:  NAN TONG
  • Brand Name:  Mei Jie Nu
  • Model Number:  CL-MJN-2108B
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